“To feel is to know and to know is to feel; all my paintings represent that through color, line, and subject.” Gershon Benjamin (1899-1985)

Welcome to the Gershon Benjmain Foundaton that preserves the memory of American Modern Expressionist art master Gershon Benjamin and pivital role in American art history. Intimate friends with Milton Avery, Adolf Gottlieb, Archile Gorky, and Mark Rothko, Benjmain co-forged an American Modern Abstract interpretation of man and nature using minimal lines, flattened perspective, muted color fields, and all areas of the canvas surface to communicate his subjective psychological response to his subjects. Benjamin's works are held in the collections of discriminating collectors and museums.

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Spanierman Gallery

Paintings, Watercolors, and Drawings on view and for sale at Spanierman Gallery in Manhattan. More

Gershon Benjamin Archives

Archival material on display in Clayton. Georgia, relates to American Modern Expressionist Gershon Benjamin and his intimate associates Milton Avery, Adolf Gottlieb, Mark Rothko, and other close friends. More